My paintings are updates of works from earlier eras. I choose these eras because of my stylistic kinship with their artists, which allows me to carry on a kind of dialogue with them. Each era brings up a particular theme that I translate to the present day. Using portraiture I choose poses, gestures and fashion to make social, psychological and anthropological statements. Humor emerges through the juxtaposition of modern day fashion with classic poses and compositions.

........In my Biker paintings I relate the elaborate clothing and dramatic lighting of Rembrandt-like images to present day bikers and heavy metal musicians with their long hair, tattoos and fancy logos.

........In addressing Renaissance works, because many of the figures from this era are depicted in poses of prayer or worship, I paint my subjects worshipping secular things such as designer labels and digital devices.

...I am currently inspired by early American folk artists who were predominantly concerned with family and children. The children are often depicted as innocents holding cuddly animals in bucolic settings. The adults sit stiffly, sometimes holding babies or flowers. In updating these paintings I place them in more urban settings and surround them with contemporary phenomena that reference present day problems.